Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Want An Easter Egg!!

How many of you remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon when the Easter Bunny retires and Bugs gets the job? For the last couple of days I have been remembering that cartoon and the little boy in the cartoon saying "I want an Easter Egg, I want an Easter Egg!!"  Isn't it funny how our memories work?

Easter is upon us and it also brings about another memory of my mother and how she collected various things.  She loved owls and she loved those little Faberge type eggs.  She had one that sat perched in a gold latticed stand - very colorful.  I don't have that egg and don't really know whatever happened to it, but I can see it as if it was yesterday.

So, with Easter just around the corner, I thought I would share some really cool eggs I found on Etsy.  When you think Easter, what pops up in your memories???  I hope you'll share those memories with others.

Sweetest Good Egg

SALE -Daffodils and Tulips - A pysanky turkey Easter egg

Hanformed Glass Easter Eggs

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