Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beautiful Hand Painted Glassware

My blog profile lets everyone know that I spent 20 years (at least) in the corporate world.  I really did enjoy my positions in banking and in the non-profit world.  But I truly wanted to begin a business that I could call my own. I have two businesses currently.  One is an online gift store for gamblers and the the other is my Etsy store.  I enjoy both stores; however, the Etsy store allows me to truly create and design my very own products.  Every item is made by my hands (as well as the hands of my sister-in-law Patty - who - by the way created my fantastic logo!)  We've had fun over the last 1.5 years coming up with the ideas, even creating some of our own designer fabric.  I'm proud of our products and the excellent quality of the items.

I do come from a very creative family.  And I've always considered myself to be the least creative of my brothers and sister.  That was until a friend of mine let me know that EVERYONE has a creative side - you just have to tap into it.  I can't thank my friend, Jeri, enough for allowing me to find my creativity.    Jeri is one of the most talented artists I know.  She does beautiful work on canvas, glass, furniture, etc.  Even the garage door of her home has a creative mural.   I have a couple of pieces of Jeri's work and I absolutely love them.  She uses vibrant colors and her designs are so creative.  She is mostly self-taught, not only in art, but in music as well.  Her talents never cease to amaze me.  I hope you all have a "Jeri" in your life.  It's been fun to find my creative side and have the opportunity to use that creativity.

You can view some of Jeri's hand painted glassware at or Cannon Gallery and Murals.

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