Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Girl Doesn't Love Jewelry??

It's Sunday afternoon.  I just completed a few more insulated lunch totes for my own Etsy Store and decided to just view my favorite stores on Etsy to see what creations are available.    I came upon Jewels by Jules when I was creating a Treasury (a themed collection of some of the great things you can find on Etsy).  My theme was Life is a Gamble and I posted a variety of items with a gambling motif.  Jewels by Jules had this great bracelet called Lady Luck that was just really cool.  So today I revisited this great store and just came upon so many wonderful handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry, of course, is such a personal purchase.  I don't wear alot of jewelry, but the pieces I do wear have been carefully handed down to me or selected personally by me.  I enjoy color but I also like earthtones.  I enjoy great pieces of gold, silver and even a combination of gold/silver, but I also like costume jewelry.  I like bangles.  I like posts.  Okay - I admit it - I like all types of jewelry!

But what I enjoy most about jewelry is the creativity that jewelry makers put into their craft.  I can only imagine how the creator begins the process to make a beautiful piece of art.  Because that is, in fact, what you wear when you purchase jewelry from a true craftsman. 

So I am thrilled to share Jewels by Jules with you.  I hope you enjoy looking through this wonderful shop as much as I did.

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